Not enough memory for file map (Error 1150)

The explanation for the error isn't too helpful and even confusing as the error often shows up on computers with plenty of memory.

Get rid of annoying security alerts in Microsoft Outlook

The Advanced Security for Outlook from is free Outlook add-in that allows end-user to take control over Outlook security alerts.

Check if EXE is running and optionally terminate it

The WMI Win32_Process class represents a process on an operating system.

Fix VFP file associations to open files in one VFP instance

The files associated with VFP are opened in a new instance of VFP when double-clicked or 'Open' verb is executed on them. It's configured in Windows not in VFP.

Cannot access the selected table (Error 1152)

The error is related to the RowSource or ControlSource of a ListBox/ComboBox.

Is user a member of the Administrators group

Sometimes it's important to know if application is running under account that is a member of the Administrators group. There're a few ways to accomplish that.

Obtaining DLL-specific version information

Most Windows Shell and common controls DLLs implement DllGetVersion function. It allows applications to obtain DLL-specific version information to make sure that required functionality in a DLL is implemented.
The Windows API support class is used to handle Windows API structures.

VFP implementation of GetZipComment and GetZipFilesList for ZIP acrchives

VFP class below allows retrieval of a ZIP file comment or a list/count of files in the ZIP archive. It uses VFP low level file functions (LLFF) to directly read the ZIP file.

FoxRockX - new magazine dedicated to FoxPro

FoxTalk magazine has been taken over by DFPUG on 1st March 2008 and renamed to FoxRockX. The new editor is Rainer Becker. The first issue is in print. The magazine will be published bimonthly online/hard copy with 24 content pages plus maybe advertising or sponsored articles.

More details at

Generate GUID

UDF below generates 128-bit GUID and returns it as a string in the format 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx'.


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